Kim Nunley, August 31, 2011

No Distractions

After we learned about winning the film grant, April and I packed up our things and went camping alone for a few days so that we could focus on outlining our game plan without any distractions.

We found a small spot on the American River, set up camp and went right to work.

We assigned roles, prioritized our to-do lists and worked on tightening up the script (which still needs some work, but is getting there). Besides a short encounter with a rattlesnake, it was two and a half days of quiet, focused work… and perhaps a bit of beer drinking.

We spent most of the days and evenings in those two chairs you see below, talking about how we were going to make the best short film possible.

Selected images from our trip are below. You can view more via our Flickr page.

Best – Kim

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Kim Nunley, August 30, 2011

It Begins

April and I had been talking for over a year about taking one of my short scripts and producing it ourselves. She’s wanted to make movies since she was a freshman in high school and even dedicated her college studies to filmmaking. April was the one that taught me how to appreciate film. I remember watching the Turner Classic Movies channel on the weekends with my mom, but it was April that sat me down and forced me (literally) to watch movie after movie. We watched all types of films, from critically-acclaimed dramas to campy comedies. We watched it all… well, except maybe not horror films. I don’t like being scared and April hates vampires.

I originally wrote the script for Sly Sylvester in 2009 when I was participating in the Creative Screenwriting Cyberspace Open. I scored a 95 out of 100, which was a notable turning point for my confidence, as years prior in my first Cyberspace Open I received an abysmal score of 80. Since then it’s been sitting on my computer collecting virtual dust. That is, until now.

Maybe it’s cause I’ve been feeling the need to really take control of my own professional writing career, or perhaps it’s because April’s been itching to let her creativity flow again after working in a corporate environment for a few years. Heck, it could even partly be attributed to the exhilaration we felt as we observed the commercial success of the exceptional comedy Bridesmaids (Hell yes Kristen Wiig!). I’m not sure exactly what it was, but last month I decided to apply for a short film grant from the company where I do freelance work, Demand Studios.

And here we are. Due to stipulations in the grant, the finished project has to be completed by October 15, which means April and I will be hardly sleeping for the next couple of months as we tackle our first short film while still managing our own full-time careers. We’re excited to devote ourselves to this film, and we hope that you’re happy with the finished product. Thank you for following.

Best – Kim