Kim Nunley, October 31, 2011

Sly Sylvester Movie Poster

After months of sleep deprivation, I’m excited to announce that Sly Sylvester is complete!

Starting tomorrow, we will be submitting the film to an array of film festivals. On our list are some major festivals like Tribeca, as well as some smaller ones, such as our local Oakland International Film Festival. We’re smack dab in the middle of the festival submission deadline craze. The review process is rather long, but we’ll find out if it gets accepted in a couple of months.

If you’re amongst the backers who are slated to receive a digital copy of the film, you’ll receive access to a password-protected site to watch the film on November 14. Festivals have rules about films not being generally available online so access to this will be limited to cast, crew and our Kickstarter backers.

For now, I’m happy to present our official Sly Sylvester movie poster. The poster was designed by Jennifer Pyle in New York. She did an awesome job! We’re ordering the prints of the poster this week.

In addition, starting tomorrow (Tuesday, November 1) I’ll be rolling out our film stills– one each day through Friday. Check back here to see each daily upload.

Thank you for your continued support!



Kim Nunley, October 28, 2011

Still at it

It’s been a little bit since our last update, which I apologize for. April was out of town for work and I spent all last week in Austin for the Austin Film Festival and Conference.

For a writer, the Austin Film Festival is like going to Disneyland. I got to hang out with other writers, both those looking to make their first sale and some of which have penned huge blockbuster films, as well as directors, agents and managers. The festival offers an enormous array of panels and presentations on writing for film and television. I also caught a handful of movies, including about eight short films.

I’m happy to announce that Sly Sylvester is 99.9 percent completed. One of the nuggets I picked up from listening to Pixar’s Chief Creative Executive, John Lasster, at the festival is that, “Quality is the best business plan.” We want to put our best effort into this project. We’re currently making final color correction and audio adjustments and will be submitting the completed project to a variety of film festivals starting next week.

I’ve got the movie poster sitting on my computer and I’m really excited to share it with you. Our graphic designer, Jennifer Pyle, put together a really awesome piece. While April’s focused on completing the post-production duties, I’m currently putting together the press kit, which will include the movie poster, production notes and some film stills. I should have it completed this weekend and am planning on uploading it on the site here Monday morning. Be sure to check back!

Kim Nunley, October 17, 2011


We had to deliver the film to Demand Studios, who generously gave us the short film grant, by October 15. We did it!

But, don’t go googling just yet. It’s just a private link right now, as we’re still going to tighten the audio a little and perform some color correction enhancements.


Kim Nunley, October 17, 2011


I spent early Saturday morning finishing up the titles.

It was super cool to type those words in.

Kim Nunley, October 14, 2011