Kim Nunley, February 24, 2012

Celebrate the Movies Around the World

Love for movies! The creative team at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions compiled clips from their favorite fan movie moments.

Kim Nunley, February 23, 2012

PBS’ Upcoming Online Film Festival

Short film lovers! PBS announced they will launch their inaugural Online Film Festival, showcasing 20 short films by independent filmmakers! Will run from February 27 to March 30 and they’ll release a new batch of films, that share a particular theme, every Monday.

Watch Sizzle Reel on PBS. See more from PBS Online Film Festival.

The first batch of film releases will include the following:

“Real Stories” (February 27) 

Seltzer Works (POV)
Third generation seltzer filler Kenny Gomberg is the last bottler in Brooklyn.

The Archive (POV)
A man and his giant record collection (that no one wants).

Once Upon a Rooftop (CAAM)
The world of Hong Kong rooftop dwellers whose lives are tenuous, but filled with an enduring hope.

I Survived (NAPT)
A first-hand account of Sgt. Samuel Tapia’s experience when his convoy hits a roadside bomb.