Kim Nunley, April 25, 2012

Tomorrow! Sacramento International Film Festival.

Tomorrow (April 2) we screen at the 2012 Sacramento International Film Festival!

We screen along with a couple of other short films, as well as the highly celebrated feature film, HEATHENS & THIEVES.

The show starts at 7:30 and takes place at The Artisan (1901 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento).

More information about the event can be found here, and if you’d prefer to get your tickets in advance, you can do so here.

While you’re here, check out the trailer for HEATHENS & THIEVES!

Kim Nunley, April 18, 2012

Thanks to Oakland International Film Festival

We had a great time at the 10th Oakland International Film Festival and feel blessed to have been a part of such a special event. We screened Saturday morning and it was an awesome feeling to see our film make it’s big screen debut. And to top it off, the crowd laughed! At the right parts, of course.

Plus, the event gave us an excuse to get the cast and crew back together. Some of us headed to The Trappist for celebratory beers afterwards. Thank you to to those who came out and to those who called, text’d, emailed with well wishes.

Peralta News put together a great recap of the festival. Take a look at the of quality projects showcased this year.

Thank you to the Oakland Film Society and Director David Roach for allowing us to participate in the festival!

Kim Nunley, April 7, 2012

Sly Sylvester Featured in Oakland North

The 10th Oakland International Film Festival kicked off yesterday! We were able to catch a handful of movies throughout the day and plan to do the same over the next two days.

Sly Sylvester makes its world premiere this morning at the festival at 11:30 am!

Karmah Elmusa of the online news site Oakland North generously included Sly Sylvester in her preview for this weekend’s festival. She spoke with writer and producer Kim Nunley about the script and about shooting in Oakland. Karmah particularly loved Jay Krohnengold’s performance!

The landlord, played by Jay Krohnengold, is certainly a highlight of the film, and an easily identifiable cinematic archetype. With his pitbull-esque aggression and a no-nonsense attitude, he quickly establishes himself as our hero’s foil, there to mess up not only his financial life but his valiant attempts to woo the cat sitter. Will love conquer all? Check it out at 11:30 Saturday morning at the Oakland Museum of California to find out.

Thank you to Karmah for the piece! Check out the entire article via Oakland North.

Kim Nunley, April 3, 2012

Preview of Oakland International Film Festival

Last week we attended the press conference for the 10th Oakland International Film Festival. A handful of films to be featured in the festival were showcased, with filmmakers in attendance to discuss their work. Here are a few of the projects we’re looking forward to checking out during our weekend at the festival.

All of the following films were done by local Oakland filmmakers.

1. Roamer / Vincent Cortez / Plays April 7, 8:30-10:30 pm
A sci-fi short film about a distant future where mercenaries protect the borders of civilization from a ravaged, infected outside world. 072 is a tired but tough mercenary who only yearns to be home.


2. Haiti: Rising from the Ashes / Minister of Information J.R. & Siraj Fowler / Plays April 6, 4-6:15 pm
An eye-opening documentary about the first Black republic to free itself from slavery and the tribulations that the Haitian people face in the aftermath of 2010’s 7.0 earthquake.


3. The Selling / Emily Lou / Plays April 6, 7-10 pm
Richard Scarry is a nice real estate agent faced with selling a haunted house.


4. ‘T’Aint Nobody’s Bizness: Queer Blues Diva of the 1920’s / Robert Philipson / Plays April 7, 5-7pm
As part of recapturing our lost and hidden past, “T’ Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness” presents the facts concerning the alternative sexualities of famous blues singers in a way that is unsensational yet entertaining.

Find the entire schedule for the festival here.

Kim Nunley, April 2, 2012

Shonda Scott / KDOL Spotlights Oakland Int’l FF

The 10th Oakland International Film Festival is just five days away. Shonda Scott of KDOL Spotlight highlighted the festival and selected films to be featured in her recent KDOL Community Spotlight.

Remember that we screen on Saturday (April 7) morning at 11:30. Tickets can be purchased here.