Kim Nunley, September 20, 2011

On Location with the Camera Crew

Over the weekend we met on location with our camera crew so that we could make shot and lighting plans.

Most of the film takes place inside an apartment, but there’s also a quick scene that takes place outside near a dumpster.

Thanks to our crew for taking the time out of their Sunday so that we’re prepared come shooting time next weekend!

Shown below is Thomas Broening, our director of photography, Rosanna Zuckerman, our assistant camera operator, Chris Hebert, our gaffer, and Stephen Vanderpool, our grip. We’re lucky to have them!

Kim Nunley, September 16, 2011

Our DP, Thomas Broening

The first thing April and I did in preproduction was to prioritize and assign responsibilities. I’m a list maker and really can’t function without one. If we didn’t take time to organize our game plan, my mind would likely be wandering about costume design even before the script was ready.

One of the items at the top of our to-do list was to find a director of photography, or DP. If you’re unfamiliar, a DP is responsible for camera and lighting decisions. They work alongside the director to assist with shot framing and adjusting the camera and lighting equipment to get the look that the director is envisioning.

We have been blessed with finding Thomas Broening, an extremely talented photographer and filmmaker who lives in Oakland. When April and I looked over the clips of his work that he had emailed us, we were both immediately taken by the quality of his shots. They also shared the look that we have envisioned for Sly Sylvester.

Take a second to look over Thomas’ work. As I was preparing to write this blog post, despite having a to-do list today that is as tall as me, I got hooked once again and spent the last hour re-looking over his portfolio and reading his blog.

We are extremely lucky to have Thomas a part of our team. Below is a short he recently completed, entitled “Mr. Anderson.” The piece is the first of a three-part short film project.

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