Kim Nunley, April 7, 2012

Sly Sylvester Featured in Oakland North

The 10th Oakland International Film Festival kicked off yesterday! We were able to catch a handful of movies throughout the day and plan to do the same over the next two days.

Sly Sylvester makes its world premiere this morning at the festival at 11:30 am!

Karmah Elmusa of the online news site Oakland North generously included Sly Sylvester in her preview for this weekend’s festival. She spoke with writer and producer Kim Nunley about the script and about shooting in Oakland. Karmah particularly loved Jay Krohnengold’s performance!

The landlord, played by Jay Krohnengold, is certainly a highlight of the film, and an easily identifiable cinematic archetype. With his pitbull-esque aggression and a no-nonsense attitude, he quickly establishes himself as our hero’s foil, there to mess up not only his financial life but his valiant attempts to woo the cat sitter. Will love conquer all? Check it out at 11:30 Saturday morning at the Oakland Museum of California to find out.

Thank you to Karmah for the piece! Check out the entire article via Oakland North.