Kim Nunley, October 11, 2011

More Photos!

More photos from Day 2 of shooting are up! Check out our Facebook page to see more.

Some additional notes…

+ We’re deep in postproduction. Sound mixing, music licensing, etc…

+ We have less than a day left in our Kickstarter project! We appreciate all of the support!

Kim Nunley, October 6, 2011

More Photos from Sunday’s Shoot

The first shot of the day on Sunday was a close-up of Julia Simone (aka “Paula”) and Rich Turgeon (aka “Satchel”) and their interaction at the apartment dumpster.

We took a few different types of shots of this particular scene, but here are some photos of us prepping for and executing the close-ups.

Kim Nunley, October 5, 2011

Spending Sunday Morning w/ a Dolly & a Jib

One of our first shots on Sunday morning was a dolly shot that followed our protagonist, “Satchel,” as he walks through a parking lot towards a dumpster.

Our director, April Abeyta, wanted a low-angle shot, so our camera crew used a jib, which they then placed on top of the dolly. As a result, they were able to trail behind the legs of Satchel as he made his way through the lot.

As they finished setting up for the shot, it started sprinkling. But do you think the rain can stop us? No! Hi-five to Desi for holding up a card to shield the equipment from the rain.

Kim Nunley, October 3, 2011

Currently in Postproduction

Sly Sylvester, currently in postproduction.



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Kim Nunley, September 28, 2011

Shooting Day #1!

Hey! So, I’m starting to recover from shooting this past weekend. It was a long two days, but we had a blast and it was definitely a success.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos from Saturday, our first day of shooting, onto the Sly Sylvester Facebook page and on our Flickr page. Check ’em out!

Thanks to Kasia for the shots.